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Accessibility Statement


  • Plantasia Tropical Zoo is a large glass house, located in a retail park in the heart of Swansea city centre. The venue is wholly indoors, and visitation is not affected by adverse weather conditions. The temperature in the main area is maintained at a minimum temperature of 18 degrees celsius. It is worth noting that high external temperatures may also increase internal temperatures above the 18 – 22 degree target.
  • The majority of the venue is level ground and wheelchair accessible.
  • The venue adopts a one-way system throughout.
  • Mobile phone signal is good in most areas, and public wifi is available.
  • Due to zoo regulations, pets are not permitted access, with the exception of assistance dogs. Prior notice of visit is advantageous.
  • There is no induction loop at the venue.
a close up of a tree
  • Below Ground: Ground floor level – all wheelchair accessible. Automatic doors allow easy access to the Forest Floor.
  • Forest Floor: Forest floor is fully accessible, providing full visibility of reticulated python. Access to the ant nest tunnel is restricted.
  • Arid Climate: Arid climate area is fully accessible via door. Visibility of meerkats, tortoises & bearded dragons is unrestricted. Access to the meerkat tunnel is restricted.
  • Understory: Understory area is fully accessible via door, Visibility of marmosets is unrestricted. Rainforest interactive games accessible to wheelchair users.
  • Canopy: Canopy walk through is accessible. Waterfall lookout not accessible to wheelchair users. Visibility of macaw unrestricted.
  • Watering Hole: Watering hole fully accessible. Visibility of caimans and Koi carp unrestricted.
  • Restricted Areas Killer plant house – unaccessible with wheelchair
  • Tree House – unaccessible with wheelchair
  • Waterfall Lookout – unaccessible with wheelchair
  • The paths and walkways around Plantasia Tropical Zoo are accessible for wheelchair users and pushchairs.
  • Toilets and Accessible Nappy and Sanitary Facilities: Three toilets are available, one male, one female, and a disabled toilet. The female toilet and disabled toilet provides sanitary bins plus a nappy bin and baby changing facilities.