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Protecting threatened species around the World has become the number one objective for Zoological collections around the globe.

We do this through in-situ and ex-situ works, as well as educating our visitors through workshops, signage, trails, and collaborative projects.

Our Species

We have around 40 different species of animal in Plantasia with over 15% of those having some conservation concern. The most notable of these being the Egyptian Tortoise (Testudo kleinmanni). Plantasia participates in the EEP (European Endangered Species Programme) for Egyptian tortoise and collaborates with a variety of other zoological institutions for the protection and conservation of the species.

Here at Plantasia we also breed a number of vulnerable and endangered species which include birds (Edwards Pheasant), reptiles (Crested gecko), amphibians (Axolotl) and fish (Manyara Tilapia).

Local Projects

We link with many groups and schools on local conservation projects, and the most recent of these was to help boost pollinator highways across the local area.

In conjunction with over 1000 children that visited Plantasia in February, we were able to plant thousands of flowering seeds across the local area. Through the amazing efforts of our visitors, expansion of pollinator corridors across Swansea is well underway. This will help protect bees, and other pollinating species in the area.


Did you know an area of rainforest the size of Planatsia was cut down every second at peak deforestation levels?

Rainforests are vitally important to the survival of many species across the World. As a rainforest zoo we take pride in educating our visitors about the many positive reasons why these areas should be protected, and the consequences should deforestation continue at current levels.

Through a structured education programme we are able to deliver this message to schools across South Wales, and further afield through our virtual offers.

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Through events, signage, and trails, we are also able to educate our general visitors, and inform them how they can do their bit to protect our environment.


We also link with many corporate bodies who support our efforts to educate the masses. One example is with the Admiral Group, who support our ‘Plantasia on the Road’ programme. This support helps us to our education programme to those who cannot visit our venue, and is a valued resource to us.

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