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Plantasia Tropical Zoo, is thrilled to announce some fantastic news that highlights our commitment to nurturing talent and promoting excellence within our organization. In our continuous efforts to enhance wildlife education and conservation, we are excited to introduce two promising young individuals, Dan and Jude, who have joined us this year as part of their year-in-industry experience. Both are pursuing Marine Biology degrees at Swansea University and bring a wealth of passion and enthusiasm to our team.

Meet Dan and Jude: The Future Leaders in Marine Biology

two young male year-in-industry students from Swansea University looking to camera in a jungle background

Dan, with his aspirations to conduct pioneering research in marine environments, is focusing his studies on sharks and seals. His dedication to understanding these magnificent creatures aligns perfectly with our mission to educate and inspire others about the wonders of all animal life.

Jude, driven by a deep desire to make a difference, dreams of a future dedicated to marine conservation. His commitment to preserving marine ecosystems resonates with our core values, and we are excited to support him on his journey towards creating a positive impact in the field of marine conservation.

Celebrating Well-Deserved Promotions

Lucy and Paul smiling for the camera

In addition to welcoming our new talents, we are proud to announce the well-deserved promotions of two outstanding team members who have shown unwavering dedication and commitment to Plantasia Tropical Zoo. Paul Plank, a dedicated member of our team for over two decades, has been promoted to the role of Operations Manager. His extensive experience and profound knowledge of our organization make him the ideal choice to oversee our operations and ensure the smooth functioning of Plantasia Tropical Zoo.

Additionally, we are delighted to announce the promotion of Lucy Williamson to the position of Zoo and Education Manager. Lucy has been a valuable part of our zookeeper team for the past two years, contributing significantly to our zoo’s educational efforts. Her passion for wildlife and education will be instrumental in enhancing the visitor experience and expanding our educational programs.

Our Commitment to Wildlife Education and Conservation

These promotions and new additions to our team reflect Plantasia Tropical Zoo’s commitment to nurturing talent and promoting excellence within our organization. Together, with the enthusiasm of Dan and Jude, and the experience of Paul and Lucy, we are making strides in wildlife education and conservation, bringing the wonders of the animal kingdom to diverse communities.

At Plantasia Tropical Zoo, we are not just a place for entertainment; we are a hub of learning and conservation. Through our dedicated team and the support of our partners like Parkwood Leisure and Swansea Council, we are paving the way for a future where wildlife education and conservation go hand in hand.

Stay tuned for more updates on our initiatives, educational programs, and conservation efforts.

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a more informed and sustainable world.


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